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Golders Green, London, UK

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Golders Green is a suburb of London located in the borough of Barnet. It is mainly populated by two minorities of Britain - Asians and Jews. It is a fairly quiet place with a low crime rate. It is deprived of a proper music store and is privileged to have four pharmacies, two of which are Boots. Access to central London is easy as it is served by the Northern Line Underground and many buses.


Due to its Jewish community, Golders Green has never had proper Christmas lighting but simple colourless lights going diagonally across the main road. Each Chanuka however, Golders Green has a big Chanukia1 on display. Except for Friday nights2, it is lit in a highly entertaining ceremony. Two Rabbis step upon a cherry picker and are elevated into the heavens3. On their way, they point out the current day's candle-sponsors4, and after several minutes, they reach the Chanukia and light the 'Shamash'5. Then they pray and with some slightly dodgy manoeuvring they are moved onto the next candle. With grace6 they descend once again and the ceremony is over, only to be repeated for the next seven days.

1A Chanukia is a nine-candle candelabra to commemorate Chanuka.2The Jewish religion does not allow 'work' on the Sabbath (Friday to Saturday nights).3Well, maybe they are not elevated quite to God, but close.4Their voices are aided by an amplifier of course.5The Shamash is the candle used to light the other candles.6Though calling their motion graceful may be going a bit far.

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